About US

Nova World is a provider of IT services, CCTV Systems, Smart Home Solutions and Solar energy equipment, and services to homeowners, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

Providing full comprehensive range of smart building gadgetry

  • Surveillance Cameras CCTV / IP systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Network Wire/Wireless network , Intercom system
  • Alarm / Security Systems
  • Access control & Attendance systems
  • Outdoor Energy Saving Solar Systems
  • Outdoor “Garden Sensor”, Smart watering systems & Sprinkler controller
  • Electronics accessories & Tools
  • Safety Equipment

We make Wi-Fi enabled smart solutions for residential and commercial applications, lighting, TVs,  HiFi’s, heating, garage doors, CCTV and other equipment already in our buildings that each require some form of remote handset, keypad or control panel.


Our mission is to help client find a Tailor made technology solutions, provide innovative and high technicality of Services and products with a successful team work standards and friendly work environment.


Enhancing our competitive edge by improving and sustaining our ability to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.

Keys to Success

Nova World considers the following factors to be the primary contributors of business success:

  • Diversification of product lines and customer base
  • Innovation
  • Market potential: By the year of 2020 about 20 billion devices will be connected through IOT
  • Good reputation and experience in technology industries